Medical Cannabis Patients in DC, Part 2

In Washington for the Cheryl Miller Memorial in September of 2003, medical cannabis patients lobby Congress - in Rep. John Mica's office with Florida ALS patient Cathy Jordan are Gary Stork with Glaucoma, Jacki Rickert with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and a Multiple Sclerosis patient. Other videos and an account of the activities during the Cheryl Miller Memorial: And visit the Cheryl Miller Project:

Recently reaching his 24th year living with HIV, Henry has relied on medical cannabis to help him throughout the years dealing with a variety of conditions, including side-effects from other medications. He has been able to reduce his dependency on pharmaceutical pills and gets his daily dose of marijuana in tincture form, as well as smoking the plant. Henry has also been able to put the weight he had lost from waisting syndrome back on, and now has a properly fitting prosthetic leg because of the increase in his body size, making it easier for him to walk again. Transcription to follow: I'm Henry J Sizluski Jr., I have AIDS for 3 years now, I've had HIV for 20 almost 24 through the use of cannabis I've reduced the amount of scripts I have to take from 13 to 6 in a year. I have not had to use a cane on a regular basis anymore. My neuropathy is improved to the point it is not only tolerable but more than tolerable. I have not had to take pain medication that leaves me dazed and confused. Honestly that makes it harder to walk cause I'm dizzy. I have high blood pressure, Herpes, the medications I take for that cause problems. Degenerative disk disease is one of them. I don't have to take pain medication for that anymore, thanks to cannabis infused tincture. I have had a req for a year; I have actually been smoking it with the intent and knowledge that I would help medically for ten years, ten years. We did not have an option to smoke cannabis legally in Ohio. That is why I moved. Not taking 4 phyc meds anymore. I take one. Those have side effects too, that I don't have to deal with, I don't want to. I went from 189 pounds to 114 pounds in three months. Lost so much weight, I couldn't walk, couldn't get to the bathroom in time because my prosthetic didn't fit. I started smoking more marijuana, I'm eating more, I started to put weight on. I got up to 145 pounds and felt fat. That is big, not big, not 189 but better than 114. I looked like walking death and really felt like it. It has changed my life for he better.